Fake; an object that is made to look real or valuable in oder to deceive people.

why is being fake more popular? What happens to being ourselves, not caring what someone has to say about us? What happens to accepting yourself just the way you were made and not having to put yourself under the knife to impress People?

Social media can be a good thing when used wisely. Sadly not everyone thinks about doing the right thing, so in most cases its being used to promote wrong ideas. Most things on social media looks good, promising, deceiving and keeping these entertainment can change the way of thinking.

There are ways to feel good about yourself without having to fake who you are to impress someone.

  • Avoid people who show off
  • Be yourself
  • Remind yourself no one is perfect
  • Most importantly, accept your short comings.

Finding inner peace and happiness depends on you only. There is more value in Original.


Text and Photo by Sophy Miah



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