lie is used intentionally for the purpose of deception. A liar is a person who communicate in lies and the constant or continuous practice of lie is lying.

There are different types of lies, we have the big lie, small lie, cover-up lie, misinformative lie e.c.t. Each of these are being used for different purposes. Now, what about the half-truth? Is that a lie also?

Reasons people tell half-truth is to misrepresent the truth, hiding facts or to deceive someone; this too is a lie. Hiding, sugar-coating or withholding a piece of information in other not to hurt ones feelings is also a lie.

Generally, there are no small or big lie. When the truth comes out, the end statement/reaction will still be ”you lied to me”. So why lie if the truth sets you free?


Text and photo by Sophy Miah


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