Mothers day, The history

Mothers day, a day of the year on which mothers are particularly honoured by their children. In North America and South Africa it is the second Sunday of May; in Britain it has become another term for Mothering Sunday. It was founded in the year 1914 by Anna Jarvis. She said, "It wasn't to celebrate all... Continue Reading →

Ending Of 2017

  Today is the last day of the year, had there been anything left on your 2017 To-Do list? Ending of 2016 I set up a list of things I want to get done by the end of 2017. Among them was Blogging, Bowling(never Bowled before), going back to school for a second degree and... Continue Reading →

Attracted to the Brain

When I was younger my dad wanted me to read more. I only read when I had exams. The older I became the more I understood how important reading is. Not only just reading but also understanding the knowledge that was in the book. I loved listening to music when I was a teenager, at... Continue Reading →

My first Theater

  There is always a first time in everything, and two nights ago was the first time I attended the Theater. I was invited two weeks ago to the theater and amazing was the first thought that came to my mind even before saying ''yes''. Since I had never been to the theater before, I... Continue Reading →

The weekend Vibe

  So last weekend I decided to go out and have some good time, since it has been a while I was out and according to a good friend, I will get old staying home. The initial plan was to go out with 3 friends and at the last minutes one called in sick. Hmmm,... Continue Reading →

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