The weekend Vibe


So last weekend I decided to go out and have some good time, since it has been a while I was out and according to a good friend, I will get old staying home.

The initial plan was to go out with 3 friends and at the last minutes one called in sick. Hmmm, I was wondering if another was going to call in sick as well but no we made it.

I had a friend waiting for me at 9pm in the city center ( PS: I was late as usual 🙂 ). I finally got to the city by 10pm, yes I know I was late but thank God my friend didn’t take it personal as a Gentleman that he is. He informed me that two of his friends were going to join us and I was like thats great.

On arrival of these two friends we went to a bar and had our drinks ordered. Most of our conversations were random which was great and we could share what we have experienced from traveling to different countries and studying abroad.

Out of all the numerous conversations we had, the most I could remember was how ambitious all 5 of us are  (my partner in crime joined 2 hours later at the bar) and how we could encourage each other to thrive for what we want to archive. We ended the night by going to a party that lasted till 6am the following day.

In all of this, meeting up with people who have the same goals, the same ambitions and the same motivations as we do, is a good energy tank filling.


Text and Photos by sophy Miah

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