The Shadow


Shadow is a dark that can only occur with the help of visible light.

When was the last time you paid attention to your shadow? Have you asked yourself why you have a shadow? Why does the shadow go away when it gets darker and it appears when there is light?

Sadly enough, so are some friends that are in your life. Not everyone you call a friend is truly a friend. Also not all of them mean well for you. Just as your shadow leaves you when it gets darker so are some friends on days you need them the most. These fake friends are only there for you when things are rosy, when it is time to benefit and reap from your hard work.   It is true to choose your friends wisely but the unforseen can happen. You can’t tell in a long run which of them will become a backstabber.

Not everything has to be said to a friend, the best is when people don’t know what to attack you with, because you talk less. To move in silent is the best way of succeeding, let your success and accomplishments speak for you!

Text and Photos by Sophy Miah


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