My first Theater


There is always a first time in everything, and two nights ago was the first time I attended the Theater. I was invited two weeks ago to the theater and amazing was the first thought that came to my mind even before saying ”yes”.

Since I had never been to the theater before, I was wondering what dress to wear. I had a ballet dress that was tight on my skin from my shoulder down to my waist and from the waist line it flares down to my knee like a ball gown. Beautiful and perfect I thought it was for the Theater but thank God my good friend was around at that time I was picking out an outfit and she gladly gave me her opinion on the dress. ”Beautiful dress” she said, ”but you should pick an evening gown. You need a long dress for an event like this”. At that moment I remembered that I had a dress that has not been worn since the day I bought it.

Quickly I dressed up and had my hair done. I took a cab to the event and on getting there I had a cocktail for a drink. The Theater was over by 12am.

On this day, I felt Beautiful, not just from the outside but from the inside aswell. I felt inspired by the event and realised it is a thing I would like to do more often. On this day, I remembered my grand mother, she once said to me ” You are already a Princes” and now I am becoming A Queen in the making.”

Rule Nr. 1, Queens don’t step off their thrones to address issues.

Text and Photo by Sophy Miah


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