January week 4/ 2019

Greetings from Frankfurt, I Hope 2019 has been treating you good so far? I feel like January actually rushed by even though it has a reputation for being a "slow" month. 2018 was generally quite stressful for me, especially emotionally. If you followed my blog last year, I blogged about setting goals. So the goal... Continue Reading →


  A lie is used intentionally for the purpose of deception. A liar is a person who communicate in lies and the constant or continuous practice of lie is lying. There are different types of lies, we have the big lie, small lie, cover-up lie, misinformative lie e.c.t. Each of these are being used for different purposes.... Continue Reading →


Mystery, the unknown, the unseen, something that is kept or meant to be kept. We all have them; don't we? There are reasons why we keep secrets. Personal secret, reasons we do things in certain ways, secrets of others, and other things best know to us; of which we could end up taking it with... Continue Reading →


A Chief executive officer, is in charge of managing an organisation. What is the job of a CEO? It is a CEO's job to measure their successes, avoid pitfalls, set priorities, be sane, skillful, strategize, direct, set high values, set good behaviour, building and leading the Team. The CEO is responsible for the success or... Continue Reading →

Mothers day, The history

Mothers day, a day of the year on which mothers are particularly honoured by their children. In North America and South Africa it is the second Sunday of May; in Britain it has become another term for Mothering Sunday. It was founded in the year 1914 by Anna Jarvis. She said, "It wasn't to celebrate all... Continue Reading →

May Week 1/ 2018

Sundays are meant for resting, or so I thought. For reasons not best known to me I always saved my house chores for Sundays. I think I need to change that so I won't feel too tired on Mondays. I have never played lottery before, but recently I asked myself what if I did? The idea... Continue Reading →

April week 4/ 2018

  I have to be honest, today's post came a bit late because I was busy studying and fell asleep while doing so. I ordered a book from Amazon few days ago titled "the secret lives of baba segis wives." It is about a husband living with four wives and seven kids. It is a... Continue Reading →

April week 3/ 2018

  This week went by so fast, probably because I had Monday off and only worked three days this week. It feels like there was no Spring this year, at least here in Frankfurt. I woke up from a cold to a very hot weather the next day. It has been a while since I... Continue Reading →

April week 2/ 2018

It is Sunday and the weather is lovely. I hope most of you readers are outside enjoying the sun. This photo was taken on Thursday, of cause with the mans permission. I was at the dentist again this week and hmmmm, I was told to have my wisdom teeth removed, I mean all 4 of them.... Continue Reading →

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