April week 2/ 2018

It is Sunday and the weather is lovely. I hope most of you readers are outside enjoying the sun. This photo was taken on Thursday, of cause with the mans permission.

I was at the dentist again this week and hmmmm, I was told to have my wisdom teeth removed, I mean all 4 of them. Oh Lord I really don’t want to but these teeth don’t have enough space.

Friday was the worst day of the week. I live 10 minutes away from the city center so it doesn’t make sence to have a car because the transport in Frankfurt is very good, well only good until the workers decided to go on strike. This is the second strike within 3 weeks. I had to wait for an hour to get a transport that usually comes every 5 minutes plus it was a raining day and all taxi were not available either. I got home soaked, having a hot shower was the best thing that could happen to me that Friday.

Unlike most of you guys I won’t be having the Monday stress. I have the day off and for those of you working tomorrow, I wish you a blessed week ahead.



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