March week 4 /2018

It's the 1st of April and greetings from Leipzig, yes I have been in Leipzig for the past 3 days and so far so good. I needed a time out from my busy life in Frankfurt . This week I only worked 4 days because Friday was a public holiday in Germany. Leipzig is a... Continue Reading →

Facing Challenges

Dear readers, the new year has begun and funny enough it started with Monday. Generally most of us do have problems with Mondays. Mine is getting out of bed on Monday mornings, it's always a fight. facing challenges is what every one of us go through, though sometimes we just don't know how to face... Continue Reading →

Young People: HIV/AIDS

Human immunodeficiency virus infection and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS) Dear readers, this particular topic has been on my mind. Recently I saw a video on Facebook of a young lady who publicly admitted to having HIV and I fully get the message she was giving. A lot of young ones know what this disease is... Continue Reading →

Single Mother

The word Mother is a noun. It is a title that is given to a woman from the very first day she delivers her baby or officially adopts one. Generally it is hard being a mother, now how hard do you think it is to be a single mother? A single mother is a woman... Continue Reading →

Why Date?

We have all had one, two or probably more dates at some point in our lives. Some were good, others were funny, the rest were probably bad but there should be the one date that was good. The date that led into relationship, from there to marriage. So let's get back to dating! Why do... Continue Reading →

My first Theater

  There is always a first time in everything, and two nights ago was the first time I attended the Theater. I was invited two weeks ago to the theater and amazing was the first thought that came to my mind even before saying ''yes''. Since I had never been to the theater before, I... Continue Reading →

The Shadow

Shadow is a dark that can only occur with the help of visible light. When was the last time you paid attention to your shadow? Have you asked yourself why you have a shadow? Why does the shadow go away when it gets darker and it appears when there is light? Sadly enough, so are some friends... Continue Reading →

A Metaphor Closed Door

Have you ever thought of what happens behind closed doors? Have you asked yourself what happens to a door that has been shut against you or a door you shut against someone? The word door is ment in a metaphor. For Example when you get out of a relationship, do you ask yourself how the... Continue Reading →

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