Single Mother


The word Mother is a noun. It is a title that is given to a woman from the very first day she delivers her baby or officially adopts one.

Generally it is hard being a mother, now how hard do you think it is to be a single mother? A single mother is a woman who has a dependent child or dependent children, she can be  widowed, divorced, or unmarried. She is a woman who trains up a child or children without the help of the other Partner. She takes care of the child alone, financially, physically and emotionally.

At times, the word single-mother sounds bad and I wonder why.  Now take a look at this, there is an employee that is very much ready to work for you. She never called in sick, she works 24/7 for you, she never took a day off work, she makes sure you eat before she does, she cooks and cleans for you, she has no holidays and is always happy to work for you because your happiness means her happiness and on top of that, she works over time and for FREE. Now please tell me, where in this world will or can you find her? And if you do find her, won’t you be happy to employ her even if it is only for a day?

To all the single mothers out there, you are the most hardworking class ladies I have ever met. You do your best and make sure your child goes to bed with a full stomach and on top of that keeping them safe has always been your priority. You put their happiness before yours. Your children are very grateful for having you. Doing all the hard work can be tiring but at the end of the day, you get the fattest bonus check. Do you want to know what that is? LOVE, yes you get the 100% love from your child. You get the unconditional love that is pure and no one else in this world can give you that but your Kids.

To all mothers on this earth, I salute you and to the single mothers, thank God for you, thank you for not aborting the babies when you could. Thank you for being both a man and a woman. When I speak of heroes, I think of you.


Text and Photos by Sophy Miah

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