50 Shades of Food






Good morning readers, I hope your night was as good as mine. How are the Holidays treating you this year?

So life has been pretty much busy with me until few days ago when my Holidays started. I have been working and schooling the same time and yes, it was time I take a break and have a good rest.

Just like every other year, my Bosses took my colleagues and I out for dinner. This year we decided for the Japanese restaurant, what a good choise that was. So the dinner started at 7:30pm till 12:15am and of course we were a bit tipsy. The food was prepared in a Teppanyaki (teppan-yaki) style, wish means everything gets prepared in front of you. Here I have a video of how it was, have fun watching.


Text, Video and Photo by Sophy Miah

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