Misbehaved Heart



The heart is a muscular organ, which pumps blood through the blood vessels of the circulatory system. Blood provides the body with oxygen and nutrients , as well as assists in the removal of wastes. In humans, the heart is located between the lungs, in the middle of the chest.

Most emotions are associated with the heart and therefore when love is being spoken of, most of us think about the heart. The feeling that race your heart in response to adrenaline caused by meeting an interesting person of the opposite sex. Ever notice how your heart starts to pound when you get excited or newly fall in love?

To a certain degree in relationship we get used to our partner doing some certain things for us and when he or she suddenly slows down in doing so or stops doing so, the recipient starts to wonder what has gone wrong and that can make him or her to start misbehaving. I call it a misbehaved heart. The moment the woman starts complaining about not having as much attention as she is used to or even over thinking what the problem might be and thereby considering a breakup.

How do you correct a misbehaved Heart? When it is broken by someone you love, you the victim needs to give yourself time to heal. Starting a new relationship after a bad breakup will not heal you. What about a heavy heart that is still in a relationship but needs cure as well? Talk to your partner about how you feel and try to talk about the reason why things have changed. If it gets bad to the point that there is nothing to talk about on how the problem can be fixed then it is time for you to take the hard decision by leaving the relationship. Medically a bad heart needs to be fixed by all means otherwise it can’t function and may have a permanent damage. So is the heart that is in a relationship that is bad, correct it before it becomes a problem that can’t be fixed anymore. For example carrying over trust issues into the next relationship.


Text by Sophy Miah

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