February Week 4/ 2018


This is the week of recovering, yes I have been in bed for the past 3 days with a flu. No calls and no talking, well so I was told by my Doctor.What else can someone do other than watch TV and drink Tea. So I came up with this idea of blogging about my weekly activities, hahahaha hopefully I can keep up.

There is no highlight this week but definitely last week. So I was in class last week and the topic was Virus and Bacteria. while on the topic for some reasons my Prof. arrived on  Africa being too poor and unable to protect themselves from dying due to lack of Education. Mannn, that wasn’t pleasing to hear and if she liked it or not I had to school her on that. Frist of all, Africa is not a Country but a Continent. To cut the story short she understood where I was going and to save her the shame she apologized before I could even finish my sentence.

I wonder how it is in other Country because in Germany, this is not the first time I am having this topic.



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