March Week 1/ 2018


I was hoping to get better this week and thankfully I did but not fully recovered yet. So the last time I felt this ill was 5 years ago and since I don’t like to slow down at times and always have things doing, I guess the flu was to pull a break on me so I could get the rest my Body needed.

Guys this week I was at the Dentist, OMG now I know why most people in Germany don’t like the Dentist. So I had a toothache because of my wisdom tooth and as stubborn as I am, I am not ready to let go of that tooth even though I don’t need it. I got a dental deep cleaning with anesthesia injected into my jaw because without it, the cleaning will be painful. When they were done, my face didn’t feel like mine, I couldn’t feel anything from my nose downwards, I could hardly talk, my face was swollen and the worst part, I could not eat untill my tongue could move freely so I wont bite it off.

Now this is the wird part of me, in that state I called my friends so they could have the best laugh of their lives watching me trying to speak and controlling the saliva running down my mouth.😁😂😂😂

Next week I will be back to work full-time, untill then, happy Sunday readers.



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