March Week 2/ 2018


Good morning dear readers, was your night as good as mine was? I have fully recovered and with it, I feel like a new-born. I took the freedom of breathing freely for granted until the flu visited me. This week was good to me so I can’t really complain.

I went back to work and of cause there was a lot to do because guess what? Two of my colleagues got ill and we had to cover their shift. I spent my Saturday at the Mall doing what I do best, (spending Money) and while doing that, African Songs where being played and to me it was a shock because here in Germany I am not used to that. I didn’t know that the Germans feel our vibes too.

The rest of the Sunday I will be studying for an exam and doing research, most of you guys are probably going to chill on your couch and watch TV.

Happy Sunday dear Readers.



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