Facing Challenges


Dear readers, the new year has begun and funny enough it started with Monday. Generally most of us do have problems with Mondays. Mine is getting out of bed on Monday mornings, it’s always a fight.

facing challenges is what every one of us go through, though sometimes we just don’t know how to face just this one that is right in front of us. How do you face challenges? Do you get tired? Are you scared at times? Do you feel like giving up?

Every challenge that you step into, you step into the world of the unknown. Most of these challenges will strengthen you when accomplished, they will bring you to places you have never been. Lots of positives things will be the outcome of the challenge. Like self-trust, courage, new limits and so on….. but mostly all of these things can never be taken away from you. That is you pushing and teaching yourself and when you fail, get up, dust-up yourself and start over.  So why give up when at the end you get to witness your ability of how strong you are? Most of us become comfortable and are scared to fail. Failure doesn’t mean you can’t reach your goal. Are you scared to fail or are you scared of how successful you could become when the challenge is accomplished?

Not every challenge should be faced but how do you know the one to face? Challenges that you may regret not stepping up to when you become 70 years old are the ones that should be taking, and when you fail the first time, try again.

“Every flower must grow through dirt.”

So keep on growing…..


Photo and Text by Sophy Miah


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