March Week 3/ 2018

  Lone Wolf, that's what I know myself for. Recently my mind has been very busy about me setting up my future, there has been so many ups and down setting up my life plan for the next two years and calculating the risk that comes with it. This week nothing much really happened other... Continue Reading →

March Week 2/ 2018

  Good morning dear readers, was your night as good as mine was? I have fully recovered and with it, I feel like a new-born. I took the freedom of breathing freely for granted until the flu visited me. This week was good to me so I can't really complain. I went back to work... Continue Reading →


So I woke up in the middle of the night to ease myself. I decided not to put on the light on my way to the bathroom. Actually I wished I did because I ended up hitting my leg against the bathroom door. Do you know the physical pain that goes all the way to... Continue Reading →

Facing Challenges

Dear readers, the new year has begun and funny enough it started with Monday. Generally most of us do have problems with Mondays. Mine is getting out of bed on Monday mornings, it's always a fight. facing challenges is what every one of us go through, though sometimes we just don't know how to face... Continue Reading →

Ending Of 2017

  Today is the last day of the year, had there been anything left on your 2017 To-Do list? Ending of 2016 I set up a list of things I want to get done by the end of 2017. Among them was Blogging, Bowling(never Bowled before), going back to school for a second degree and... Continue Reading →

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